Fuck yeah Alison Blaire

This is a tumblr all about Alison Blaire AKA Dazzler, the fabulous diva turned X-woman! Here you'll find her recent cameos, old stories, fan art, and much more.

Always feel free to SUBMIT anything you find of her!

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  1. Marvel One-A-Day: Dazzler-Noir by ~RoaP
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  4. Dazzler by _mightythor_
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     dazzler  cosplay  xmen  marvel 
  6. Dazzler - Disco is NEVER Dead by IAmABananaOo
  7. New_Dazzler by NickLaw-Artes
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    Catwoman (Lisa Marie Lee), Lara Croft (Brooke Bayless), Dazzler (Shannon Bayless), Wonder Woman (Mary Casarreal) and Batgirl (Alicia Lee)

  9. Psylocke and Dazzler with Bamf by ZhaxRa
  10. Dazzler by Rainier Lagunsad