Fuck yeah Alison Blaire

This is a tumblr all about Alison Blaire AKA Dazzler, the fabulous diva turned X-woman! Here you'll find her recent cameos, old stories, fan art, and much more.

Always feel free to SUBMIT anything you find of her!

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  1. Dazzler by Rainier Lagunsad
  2. superhero-auction:

Dazzler by Lizette Biancalana
Part of a Superhero-themed Charity Auction in memory of Jules Jammal. All proceeds will go toward funding annual scholarships for the SJSU Animation/Illustration program where Jules was a beloved student and teacher.
» See more & bid online. Ends Sep 6, 2014.Like this? Please reblog and share!
  3. Dazzler by Alex Magno
  4. X-Men Homage by Anthony Tan
Original Art by David Finch

    X-Men Homage by Anthony Tan

    Original Art by David Finch

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  7. Bruce Timm.
  8. Alex Lei.
  9. Dazzler by Bulun
  10. Bruce Timm