Fuck yeah Alison Blaire

This is a tumblr all about Alison Blaire AKA Dazzler, the fabulous diva turned X-woman! Here you'll find her recent cameos, old stories, fan art, and much more.

Always feel free to SUBMIT anything you find of her!

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  1. Inktober Day 21 is Dazzler by Aneru
  2. Ultimate Dazzler by Livi-Wan
  3. fuckyeaharchangel:

X-Men by FeydRautha81
  4. zeke93:

Wolverine and Hercules by Zelolee
  5. Cyavillaarts
  6. Alison by French-Artist
  7. Dazzler Sketch by sdr1745
  8. Dazzler Pumpkin by TWbasketcase

  9. andrecomics:

    More Inktober art as I did a few quick X-men sketches today

  10. Rarity Dazzler by joncomms