Fuck yeah Alison Blaire

This is a tumblr all about Alison Blaire AKA Dazzler, the fabulous diva turned X-woman! Here you'll find her recent cameos, old stories, fan art, and much more.

Always feel free to SUBMIT anything you find of her!

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  1. MASBM Canon Designs 1 by devilkais
  2. X-Men Sketch Cards by ~RandiLeeAnn
  3. X Men daily by Igloinor
  4. Kris Anka
Edited to include proper artist!
  5. jaybirdtodds:

    women of marvel sketch cards by veronica o’connell

  6. X-Mokonas by ~Hotcouture9
  8. X-Men Women, Copyright 2012 Jeremy J. Emmons. - @misterjj84- #webstagram

    X-Men Women, Copyright 2012 Jeremy J. Emmons. - @misterjj84- #webstagram

  10. Female Characters do not exist as a way to create pain for male ones.

    (Source: betterthanlegos)