Fuck yeah Alison Blaire

This is a tumblr all about Alison Blaire AKA Dazzler, the fabulous diva turned X-woman! Here you'll find her recent cameos, old stories, fan art, and much more.

Always feel free to SUBMIT anything you find of her!

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  1. X-Men Sketch Cards by ~RandiLeeAnn
  2. jericdunlap:

Got #stickers coming Thursday! Will be updating my #etsy store. #ponies #mlp #bronies #xmen #mutants #mashup #marvel #cyclops #dazzler #phoenix #jedarts #comicart


    Got #stickers coming Thursday! Will be updating my #etsy store. #ponies #mlp #bronies #xmen #mutants #mashup #marvel #cyclops #dazzler #phoenix #jedarts #comicart

  3. jnadiger:

    X-Men by Jim Lee

  4. mikesegawa:

    Practicing how to hone my “Beauty” look for my current stint in the beauty industry.

    Since my bread & butter is commercial illustration for product campaigns, I want my style of drawing pretty girls to evoke more of a fashion illustration rather than my usual animation style or comic book pinup, meaning paying more attention to applying cosmetics and fashion graphically, and how those details are represented (which I don’t really do. Yet.) (also, something i wish the comic book industry would emphasize more in their depictions of women in and out of costume.)

    For example, whenever I draw Dazzler, I sometimes feel like i don’t draw her glamorous enough, which is a limitation of my current drawing style. Working on it. (Bill Sienkowitz and Marc Sylvestri portrayed her perfectly)

  5. Roy Cover
  7. Marvel Battle ROYAL by harveytolibao
  8. X-Mansion Photoset by vindications
  9. Marvel Women Pt.1 by NickUnlimited
  10. petervnguyen:

    "But the fire of the Phoenix burns through lies, you understand? The gaze of the Phoenix is like an x-ray tearing through every self-deception. So burn, Emma!”

    “If even one more person died at my hands…It’s better this way. Quick. Clean. Final. I love you, Scott. A part of me will always be with you.”

    “I am fire and life incarnate! Now and forever — I am Phoenix!”

    -Jean Grey  (chris claremont)